Liz and Yannick Vanhove

European Tango Champions, Liz and Yannick Vanhove, are returning to Houston in October and November to teach group lessons and intensive weekend workshops. This time they will be focusing on musicality and mastering advanced concepts.

Here are some of the things other Houston tangueros like most about their teaching:

“They are patient, knowledgeable and give great feedback. And they are so much fun!”

“Technical explanations as to why things work or not. Personal attention, while in a group class.”

“How they keep everything in balance and everyone’s attention fresh. They have knowledge of tango in many aspects and their respect for tango shows in their lessons.”

In addition to being excellent instructors, Liz and Yannick are genuinely interesting in building up the Houston Tango community and have chosen Houston as the first home of their tango school, Tangorrion. This unique relationship allows them to return to Houston on a regular basis to help dancers improve and grow. Because they continue to explore the richness of tango and develop new techniques, they are able to bring to fresh ideas and new techniques every time they visit. We welcome them back with a warm abrazo tanguero and look forward to what they have to teach us.

Liz and Yannick return to Houston March 14-12, 2017